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Residential Moving Service

Are you planning a residential move? Call on the most reliable moving company in Texas: AFA Movers. As residential movers, we know what it takes to move your belongings and your valuables without a hassle.Whether you are doing a local move or a long-distance move, we will handle all of the hard work and take on any of the stress you might be feeling. With our competitive pricing and trained professionals, why hire anyone else?


AFA Movers are the professional residential movers and apartment movers you can trust. We understand that moving your life from one home to another is both an exciting time and a tense time. But don’t worry. Our team has your back when it comes to residential moving services.


We also have the packaging materials and moving supplies you may need to move your belongings and valuables. Feel free to ask us about our packaging and packing services!

Trust Our Apartment Movers

Apartment moves have a few additional considerations compared to whole house moves. Most rentals have rules and regulations to follow when moving to avoid damage to their units. Our experienced apartment movers will take the precautions necessary to ensure your items and the rental unit are not damaged. Often times, rentals include one or more flight of stairs. We have the experience needed to safely get your big furniture items down the stairs. Count on our apartment movers to ensure your move is a breeze.

Let’s Begin Your Customized Moving Experience

When you hire AFA Movers, you won’t be disappointed. We pride ourselves on being effective, efficient, and honest. Let our team be the professional movers you call to customize your move according to your needs. Our office moving services won’t disappoint.